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Goals for the Season
1. HAVE FUN, while having a positive impact on each wrestler
2. Promote GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP on and off the mat
3. Encourage each wrestler to be competitive and physically fit
4. Master at least 6 basic wrestling moves
5. Strive for a safe and injury-free wrestling season 
6. Build on the mental aspect of wrestling in order to improve our overall skills

Rules for the Wrestling Room
1) Wrestlers should arrive at practice a minimum of 5 minutes early, so they have time to get your shoes on and be ready when practice starts.
2) Absolutely NO jumping on the rolled-up mats or the mats attached to the walls. Also, do not touch the pull up bars without a coach's assistance. Do not touch the climbing ropes for any reason. 
3) When the coaches are talking, all wrestlers must be quiet and pay attention.
4) When you hear a coaches whistle, all wrestlers must stop whatever they are doing and be quiet. There is a set time for every practice (about 15 minutes) for games/live wrestling. If kids are goofing around or not listening to the coaches, the time wasted will cut into this time (this mostly pertains to our older practice groups). 
5) All wrestlers are expected to participate in the warm-up, drills, games, and other activities. And not distract others from learning. 
6) Have fun and learn a lot!!

What is the Evansville Demons Wrestling Club?
We are a private club, not affiliated with any specific school. However, we use the excellent Evansville High School and T.R.I.S. Wrestling Rooms